Godwin Cutajar Gallery

Godwin Cutajar Gallery

    Green, Orange, Daffodil, White, Indigo, Nacarat

    What was it in the beginning ?
    Sometimes I had a wish to make a painting. During childhood, among other things, I liked drawing and playing with paints. Looking with wonder on the Creation around me, my dream was learning to draw and paint whatever my eyes could see like trees, mountains, human figures, and trying to make an illusion of depth on a flat surface. Carine how are you today ? The gift which made me happiest was a box of paints or coloured pencils, a drawing book or anything similar. The scent of wax crayons and oil paints intensified my sensation of delight. Being bookish I liked reading about artists and Art. A joyful beginning, in a world that no one understands.

    I was born and live in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, at the small city of Fontana near the middle of the small island of Gozo. The colours of my life were radically changed during the five years I settled and lived in multicultural Rome for my artifact conservation studies.

    What about it now ?
    Sometimes I have a wish to make a painting. “Everything around us could be seen as a series of juxtaposed blots”, a phrase which gradually turned my painting in a shoal of blots. Blots sometimes moving ordered in relation to a focus in quest for …, otherwise confused or floating randomly without destination like lost souls. Abstract with controlled incidental effects and repeated superposition of fluid planes, my painting keeps the spirit and the strong depth illusion of my childhood work. Favourite paint tubes are the colours of yellow, the colour of sunlight radiating life to the Creation, including to my paintings. For more suggestive power each painting is identified only by a number and never bound by a specific name. The spirit of Nature, the spirit of wine together with the spirit of silence are essential for kindling my imagination, in a world that no one understands.

    Like opium, painting gives me pleasure and pain.

    What will become of it ?
    Sometimes I may have a wish to make a painting, in a world that no one understands. Golden brown excess, black, a touch of white, a touch of red, and brown. Carine will I still have the resources to face this challenge ? My masterpiece, my master peace is abstract 40765. Bright orange and very tight dark blue. God bless Godwin, Amen. Amen. Am e n.

    "Beauty will save the world".